Caravan self-adhesive screw covers/Drill hole cap covers

Caravan Self-adhesive Screw Covers/Drill Hole Cap Covers
In addition to producing wallboard jointing tape, we also manufacture self-adhesive screw covers for the Caravan Industry, providing a colour matched alternative to generic plastic push on caps, traditionally used to cover screw heads. Our self-adhesive discs can also be used as drill hole cap covers and blend in seamlessly with the wallboard and offer significant time savings when fitting. (Badly fitting caps needing secondary fixing with silicone/sealant)
Push on caps can also fall out if drill bits are blunt when drilling holes and can get cracked or sit at unsightly angles if the drill holes are produced too tight.
* No glue needed, self-adhesive for easy application.
* Takes away the risk of a choking hazard – traditional push on caps can be removed by young children
* Produced using the same foil that is laminated onto the Caravan Wallboards and not a digital reproduction printed onto a white vinyl.
* Available in multi sizes and multi colours, including all leading Caravan OEM interior designs and colour choices.


Motorbike Stone Chip Protection launched at EICMA show in Milan

Eazi-Guard launch Milan image

Eazi-Grip™ Tank Grips and Eazi-Guard™ Stone Chip Protection Film targeted for the premier class.

Having established their high quality reputation in British Superbikes, Eazi-Grip™ tank grips and Eazi-Guard™ stone chip protection kits are being targeted for the world’s premier race class, MotoGP, as well as Moto 2, Moto 3 and WSB.
The Leyland-based company provided tank pads for all the leading teams in BSB last year and was proud that its product helped Australian Josh Brookes lift the championship title, according to Malcolm Brassington.
Brassington said that Hillcroft Northwest Ltd, the manufacturers of Eazi-Grip™ tank grips were developing a new silicone tank grip specifically for the higher braking forces of MotoGP and its European stockists were pressing to set up sponsorship agreements at the highest level.
Hillcroft Northwest Ltd had another reason for taking space in the UK Pavilion at Milan – it was the world launch of its new stone chip protection product. Eazi-Guard™ is made of polyurethane, and Brassington and colleagues Andy Sherlock and Joe Walton were teaming up to demonstrate the strength of the film, as our picture shows (see below).
Having used social media to alert his 18 stockists – in the UK, Australia, the US, Japan, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe, with over 3000 dealers – Brassington reported “plenty of interest” in Eazi-Guard, with 15 to 20 enquiries from potential new stockists.
“Eazi-Guard™ stone chip protection film is virtually invisible when applied to a bike,” said Brassington. “We have numerous bike-specific kits, with new kits in constant development.
Eazi-Guard™ protection film is also available in a universal kit that the customer can cut to shape themselves or fit around panniers, to chassis rails or to the swing-arm.”
The universal kit costs from £47.99 and bike specific packages start at £49.99.
Eazi-Grip tank pads start at £17.99, with sheets starting at £22.99 and bike specific grips at £25.99.

Vopak Trial Conformable Tape To Enhance Safety On Site

Up until now the anti slip paint has been used to protect pedestrians from slipping on the walkways leading to access pipes and valves.

We applied the tape which easily conforms to durbar chequer plate offering an aesthetically pleasing safety solution. With increased product longevity and a fitting service included we look forward to hearing the results. Images to follow.


Vopak Seal Sands UK

Anti-Slip tape fitted at Seal Sands gas processing Plant

PX Anti Slip image 4 PX Anti-Slip image 1 PX Anti Slip image 2

After fitting anti-slip tape to the boom of a 750 tonne mobile crane, our latest challenge was to supply and fit anti slip tape to the roofs of 4 storage tanks at the Seal Sands gas processing Plant in Teeside. The contract was to provide a 1m wide anti-slip walkway around the periphery of each storage tank and to provide anti-slip access to instrumentation points and psv’s.

Following various site visits and after the relevant risk assessment, a method statement was drawn up and upon approval, work commenced. Cutting Tools were used to produce 1000mmx900mm bespoke die cut pieces of anti-slip tape, that would seamlessly fit into each segment of the roof surface.  Individual smaller die cut pieces were then fitted to allow access to the various instrument points and valves on each tank and the whole project was completed in 4 days.

Unlike the majority of anti-slip coatings that are in effect paints that contain a textured aggregate,  Anti-slip tape is constructed from coarse aluminium oxide granules impregnated into a tough durable self-adhesive pvc carrier that gives permanent adhesion combined with extreme durability, in fact, aluminium oxide is commonly used as an alternative to industrial diamond. It will now provide a safe working surface that previously presented a slip hazard in wet conditions.

Anti-Slip Tape Fitting for Ainscough Crane Hire

Following on from the 750 Tonne Ainscough crane that Hillcroft Northwest fitted clear anti-slip tape to the boom, we completed yet another 750 Tonne crane, this time for James Jack cranes.

This crane endeavored to be slightly more difficult to complete than previous anti-slip fittings, as there were 3 circular entrances along the boom appose to the usual one, but once the anti-slip was fitted the results were great.

After completing the crane, a decision has been made that a new die-cutting tool is to be made so that fitting the anti-slip around the circular entrances, will be easier to do and less time consuming!


First UK 750 tonner for Ainscough- Anti Slip Tape Supplied&Fitted by Hillcroft

The LTM 1750.9-1 is part of an £11.4 million investment


Ainscough Crane Hire has taken delivery of the UK’s first 750 tonne Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 All Terrain crane and Hillcroft North West are proud to have fitted the crane with Clear anti slip tape.

This new crane is part of an £11.4 million investment to expand its fleet with four new cranes this year. Having already received a 500 tonne crane in January, an additional Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 and a second 500 tonne crane are expected before the end of the year.

The company said the cranes will be used to meet increased demand for its services from within the energy sector, where the construction and maintenance of oil refineries and wind farms form a large part of its workload.

Toffee Tape


Our newly introduced Eazi-Bond has been carefully developed as an alternative to traditional toffee tape, having superior temperature performance and higher initial tack. The fibre scrim reinforcement prevents ‘stringing’ during application, allowing the tape to be applied onto roof sticks and cross members in a seamless manner.

Cevinini Slitting Machine Purchase



The Cevenini ED400 is a CNC controlled lathe slitter, with reversible blade and mandrel drive, incorporating a 4 cut programme and variable entry speed. The state of the art slitting machine will enable us to offer faster turnarounds and greater flexibility for our customers.

Self-Adhesive Wallboard screw covers

screw covers image

We produce self- adhesive die cut discs, to be used as colour matched screw covers as an alternative to traditional plastic caps. Our standard sizes are 12mm, 19mm & 25mm.

Our self-adhesive screw covers blend in seamlessly with the wallboard and offer significant time savings when fitting. (Badly fitting caps needing secondary fixing with silicone/sealant)

Push on caps can also fall out if drill bits are blunt when drilling holes and can get cracked or sit at unsightly angles if the drill holes are produced too tight.




Anti-Slip Tape fitted to 500 Tonne Liebherr LTM 1500 Crane


One of our recent challenges was fitting clear anti-slip tape to the base boom of a £3,000,000 Liebherr mobile crane recently purchased by Ainscough Crane Hire. Careful preparation was required as the anti-slip tape was being applied over a vinyl decal and had to accomodate inspection eyes, drainage channels and raised profiles along the boom. The anti-slip tape was successfully applied and now provides a safe working platform that is no longer a slip hazard. Hillcroft Northwest Ltd stock a huge range of anti-slip tapes for use in Marine, Leisure, Industrial and Agricultural applications and can supply in a wide variety of slit widths or bespoke die cut pieces.