Caravan OEM

Caravan OEM

We have supplied caravan manufacturers from our inception and understand the demands of the industry. Our products are often developed from design stage with the customer and tailored to suit individual applications.

Single Sided Foam Tapes – Used to provide a Dust or Draught Seal our Pe foam tapes are conformable and will compress by up to 70% of their original thickness to effect a seal. For heavier duty applications or where a water seal is required our closed cell Pvc foam tapes will provide a strong barrier that is robust and simple to apply.

Double Sided Foam Tapes – We have a wide range of D/S foam tapes for bonding irregular surfaces or where a cushion effect is required, they are capable of withstanding elevated temperatures and are resistant to UV attack

Hook & Loop Available in adhesive backed or non adhesive, in rolls, straps and ties, die cut circles, squares and pieces.

Dual Lock – A re-closable fastening system featuring interlocking mushroom type stems that provide a very high performance and cost effective way of securing parts that are to be removed frequently.