Wall Board Tape

Caravan Wall Board Tape & Decorative Moulding

Caravan WallboardTape – We have been providing the industry with Wallboard Tape from our inception. Our finished products are moisture stable, plasticizer resistant and will adhere to both embossed and debossed surfaces. The specialist acrylic adhesive system has been carefully developed and modified, ensuring that the adhesive will perform on both paper backed vinyl and cellulose, including the current Superflex varieties in both solid colour and multiprint laquered designs. Our Jagenberg laminator is capable of handling log widths of up to 1.35m and reel diameter of up to 600mm, enabling us to process jumbo logs direct from the manufacturer. Our fully trained operators have worked on base papers from 70 grammes per square metre to 200 grammes per square metre.
Caravan self-adhesive screw covers/Drill hole cap covers – We also produce self- adhesive die cut discs, to be used as colour matched screw covers as an alternative to traditional plastic caps.
* No glue needed, self-adhesive for easy application.
* Takes away the risk of a choking hazard – traditional push on caps can be removed by young children
* Produced using the same foil that is laminated onto the Caravan Wallboards and not a digital reproduction printed onto a white vinyl. Stronger and more robust.
* Available in multi sizes and multi colours, including all leading Caravan OEM interior colour choices.
Decorative Moulding – In addition to our caravan wallpaper tapes, we also supply decorative moulding, either plain extrusion or coated with paper of your choice.Our barbed tooth feature on the base profile, ensures a positive lock into the cap profile, ensuring whatever flex takes place will not separate the two sections. Both profiles can be supplied in the colour of your choice, subject to minimum order quantities.