Anti-Slip tape fitted at Seal Sands gas processing Plant

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After fitting anti-slip tape to the boom of a 750 tonne mobile crane, our latest challenge was to supply and fit anti slip tape to the roofs of 4 storage tanks at the Seal Sands gas processing Plant in Teeside. The contract was to provide a 1m wide anti-slip walkway around the periphery of each storage tank and to provide anti-slip access to instrumentation points and psv’s.

Following various site visits and after the relevant risk assessment, a method statement was drawn up and upon approval, work commenced. Cutting Tools were used to produce 1000mmx900mm bespoke die cut pieces of anti-slip tape, that would seamlessly fit into each segment of the roof surface.  Individual smaller die cut pieces were then fitted to allow access to the various instrument points and valves on each tank and the whole project was completed in 4 days.

Unlike the majority of anti-slip coatings that are in effect paints that contain a textured aggregate,  Anti-slip tape is constructed from coarse aluminium oxide granules impregnated into a tough durable self-adhesive pvc carrier that gives permanent adhesion combined with extreme durability, in fact, aluminium oxide is commonly used as an alternative to industrial diamond. It will now provide a safe working surface that previously presented a slip hazard in wet conditions.