Adhesive Tape Technology

 We work in close association with leading adhesive coaters worldwide and stock a wide variety of adhesive tapes, held in jumbo log format for conversion into slit rolls or die cut pieces.

Foam Tapes

Our wide range of single and double-sided foam tapes are used in applications including jointing, mounting, bonding or sealing. In the Caravan industry, we provide anti-vibration and anti-rattle foam tapes, we replace mechanical fixes and use closed cell foam technology to prevent water ingress. We can even apply foam tapes to extruded profiles and conduit.








Double sided Tapes

Our knowledge of double sided tapes is extensive, we stock a huge range of tapes with adhesives ranging from Hot Melt rubbers to high performance Aqueous and Modified Acrylics.  We laminate our adhesive tapes onto various substrates, producing products ranging from Wallboard jointing tapes to Motorbike Tank Grips, where performance is critical. We carry out extensive research and development projects on behalf of our customers and have access to clinical test facilities, ensuring that we match performance requirements with the correct adhesive technology.







UHB (Ultra high bonding) Tape

Our high strength bonding tape is a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Unlike screws or rivets which join materials at a single point, using our bonding tape adheres the two substrates while spreading the stress load across the entire joint. The extraordinary strength, conformability, versatility and UV / weather resistance of our UHB tape, makes this tape great for bonding glass, metal and plastics.










Eazi-Bond Toffee Tape

The caravan and motorhome manufacturing industry has traditionally used a high grab ‘toffee tape’ for applications involving fixing to irregular or textured surfaces. We have carefully modified this product over time and our branded version Eazi-Bond has been into a 700 micron amber coloured self-wound double sided adhesive tape now produced with an additional internal scrim to give greater dimensional stability. Eazi-Bond Tape requires no curing time, has no fumes, is solvent free and is non-hardening, remaining permanently flexible.