• Anti-Slip Tape: Standard, Coarse, Extra Coarse

Our Anti Slip tapes provide a durable anti-slip surface that can be applied quickly and effectively in a variety of applications. 


Unlike the majority of anti-slip coatings that are in effect paints that contain a textured aggregate, our anti-slip tape is constructed from coarse aluminium oxide granules impregnated into a tough durable self-adhesive PVC carrier that gives permanent adhesion combined with extreme durability, in fact, aluminium oxide is commonly used as an alternative to industrial diamond. Once applied It is an extremely cost-effective method of providing extra grip in areas that present a slip hazard. 

We offer

  • An unlimited range of colours
  • Including clear
  • Glow in the dark
  • Hazard
  • Size Range – 6mm up to 1m width
  • We also have the facility to die cut into any shape that your application may demand, in the three grades shown below.

Non-abrasive anti-slip

Our non-abrasive anti slip range are viable products for use as anti-slip flooring in areas that require strict cleaning rules:

  • Maritime
  • Food preparation
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Laboratories etc.

A non-abrasive version that is just as effective at preventing slip hazards but is suitable for bare feet. 

  • Bathroom
  • Wet Room
  • Shower
  • Food Safety Area
  • Boat Deck
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot-Tub / Jacuzzi – Lazy spa



Anti-Slip Tape Fitters 

We have a team of experienced Anti-Slip tape fitters and have worked extensively in a variety of industries: 

  • Gas processing and chemical sorage industry (See our blog section)  Our latest challenge was to supply and fit anti-slip tape to the roofs of 4 storage tanks at the Seal Sands gas processing Plant in Teeside. The contract was to provide a 1m wide anti-slip walkway around the periphery of each storage tank and to provide anti-slip access to instrumentation points and psv’s. 

 Following various site visits and after the relevant risk assessment, a method statement was drawn up and upon approval, work commenced. Cutting Tools were used to produce 1000mmx900mm bespoke die cut pieces of anti-slip tape, that would seamlessly fit into each segment of the roof surface.  Individual smaller die cut pieces were then fitted to allow access to the various instrument points and valves on each tank and the whole project was completed in 4 days.    

  • One of our recent challenges was fitting clear anti-slip tape to the base boom of a £3,000,000 Liebherr mobile crane recently purchased Ainscough Crane Hire. Careful preparation was required as the anti-slip tape was being applied over a vinyl decal and had to accommodate inspection eyes, drainage channels and raised profiles along the boom.  The anti-slip tape was successfully applied and now provides a safe working platform that is no longer a slip hazard. Hillcroft Northwest Ltd stock a huge range of anti-slip tapes for use in Marine, Leisure, Industrial and Agricultural applications and can supply in a wide variety of slit widths or bespoke die cut pieces. 



Anti-Slip Bolt Down Plates  

These offer a non-slip coating that can be mechanically fixed into place using screws, nails or clips.

  • The plates are ideal for application on wet or previously unsuitable surfaces
  • Made from 1.6mmweatherprooff aluminium, finished on top with a non-slip coating of non-slip tape.
  • Will not tarnish in foul weather, ideal for cold climates or inclement weather conditions.
  • Our standard size is 115mm x 635mm with almost all of the upper surface finished with a non-slip coating
  • we offer any size,
  • We off any shape
  • We offer any colour option.
  • Our standard size of 115mm x 635mm comes complete with six countersunk holes for easy application with screws or other fixings and rounded corners to ensure a clean and aesthetic appearance,
  • We also supply and fit anti-slip tape bolt down plates in an ‘L’ section, designed to lap over the nose of a step. 

Conformable Anti-Slip Tape.

This product has an inbuilt aluminium backing which enables it to conform to the most irregular of surfaces including Durbar and Chequer plate, as it has no inherent memory, it will not lift or rise. Being non-plastic based it also has the secondary benefit of being flame retardant.