DYSS X5 camera guided cutter/router

The latest addition of our production facility – bolstering our in-house die-cutting effectiveness. Our advanced software allows maximum yield of any material via its ‘nesting’¬†capability regardless of how intricate the pattern. Combined with either Kiss-Cut, straight or chamfered finishes the DYSS X5 is a formidable machine.

Lamination Facilities.

Our Jagenberg laminator was purchased specifically to produce self-adhesive wallboard tape. We have carefully refined and modified our high spec lamination tapes in close association with our customers and leading wallboard manufacturers. They will bond to heavily embossed or debossed surfaces and are plasticizer resistant, an important consideration when dealing with heavily plasticized vinyl wallcoverings.

Slitting Facilities.

Our fully automated Cevenini ED400 is a CNC controlled lathe slitter, with reversible blade and mandrel drive, incorporating a 4 cut programme and variable entry speed. This state of the art slitting machine enables us to offer faster turnarounds and greater flexibility for our customers. 

Die Cutting Facilities.

We have a range of manual, fixed head, flatbed and rotary die cutting presses that are used for intricate kiss cutting through to heavy press work up to 9 tonnes. We can process parts ranging from very small individual pieces to large single die cuts, profiles and gaskets. From intricate self-adhesive screw covers, kiss cut, with the skeletal waste removed, to heavy-duty gaskets 900mmx450mm. Our flat-bed presses benefit from low initial tooling costs, whilst our high-speed rotary facility is ideal for large volume continuous runs.