Fast Facts

  • VELCRO® Brand hook and loop is used for applications ranging from agricultural to industrial cleaning to transportation. For example, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop secures the AstroTurf at a professional football stadium and secures Kevlar plates in U.S. military apparel.
  • Velcro Companies serves a variety of industries including:
    • Packaging
    • Medical and Healthcare
    • Apparel
    • Personal Care
  • Velcro Companies own over 400 active Patents for its product line

VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty

As a rule, we don’t like to compare our products, but our VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty is just that bit tougher than our everyday VELCRO Brand® Stick On. These coins, strips and tapes have 50% more holding power thanks to the moulded plastic hook feature and boast a seriously strong, water-resistant adhesive primed to cope with your most demanding indoor and some outdoor projects too.

VELCRO® Brand Fastener – PS14 Self Adhesive

PS14 Self adhesive VELCRO® Brand is one of the most popular fasteners in the range, available on 25 metre rolls the tape has a rubber adhesive backing that allows you to stick on to almost any surface with the exception of plastics or anything containing plasticizers. VELCRO® Brand rolls are ideal for those who use the fastener in large volumes and offer a cost-effective solution to many fastening requirements.

VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap

One Wrap ® is the ultimate, reusable, back to back self-gripping tape. It has a low profile loop on one side and plastic hooks on the other. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps are available to buy on 25-metre rolls. The strap can be cut to any length and will never peel. ONE-WRAP® straps are perfect for creating reusable ties for cables around the home, garden or office. It is strong enough to hold but will not damage any wires.

VELCRO® Brand Fastener – Sew-On

VELCRO® Brand Sew Tape is the quick and easy way to create a fastening on your fabrics, whether you’re making a coat, cushion case or clothing for your dog. And if you’re strapped for time or just a bit hopeless with a needle, we’ve also got a No-Sew version to make life even easier.


  • The VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK™ fastener is a strong, self-engaging tape and is easy to use. The quadrilobal mushroom shape of the tape ensures a firm and reliable connection. Our
  • ALFA-LOK™ fastener is self-engaging and multidirectional: it can be engaged at any position pressing the two parts together firmly.
  • VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK™ fasteners have been for use in a wide range of applications from solar panels, signage and exhibition stands to fix the interior in trains, cars or busses.
  • The AFTC Brand SilverTape™ 6411 is a high-performance double-sided acrylic foam adhesive tape.
  • In combination with our ALFA-LOK™ Fastener, this product is suitable for most surfaces, even materials with low surface energy such as ceramics or (powder) coatings. It provides an excellent initial tack and very good adaptability.


TEXACRO® hook and loop tapes are manufactured Velcro Industries. They offer a cost alternative to the VELCRO® Brand tape when used in a low cycle environment.