Self-adhesive Screw covers

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Self-adhesive screw covers offer a perfect alternative to traditional push on screw caps: Produced using actual cover materials and not digital copies, they blend in seamlessly and offer production time savings in ease of application. They are ideal for covering screw heads, unused pre-drilled holes and general repairs to damaged surfaces.

Most modern decorative panels are produced by laminating a cover material onto plywood, MDF, chipboard or a composite laminate. These cover materials can be either paper-backed vinyls, paper foils or plastics, including Acrylics, PVC or ABS.

We stock and convert an extensive range of these cover materials, in a wide diverse variety of modern and contemporary designs – 1500 variants in total. Ensuring all industries and customer specifications are catered for.


  • Effortless self-adhesive application; no glue(ing) required
  • A reduced choking hazard risk compared to traditional push on caps; which can be removed by young children
  • Produced using actual cover materials ensuring an exact match to the decorative panel
  • Minimal thickness for a seamless appearance
  • Strong and robust.
  • Numerous sizes, colours and textures available

ABS Screw Covers

Product Features

ABS / Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a specialised industrial copolymer, highly resistant to surface damage, and is commonly used in the furniture industry.

Our ABS Screw Covers match all Egger and Kronospan melamine faced boards.

Technical Details

  • ABS – 0.45mm | 0.7mm | 0.8mm | 1mm thicknesses
  • Diameter – 14mm | 18mm | 25mm | 40mm
  • Egger 2020-23
  • Kronospan Global Collection 2018-2023
  • Kronospan UK Range
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Wood Grain Cellulose Screw Covers

Product Features

Wood Grain Cellulose is also known as ‘Paper Foil’ within the industry. Based on cellulose papers impregnated with amino-plastic resins. Available in plain or wood grain finishes.

Our wood grain paper foil colour co-ordinated screw covers match decorative board from Muraspec, Morland, Surteco / Bausch Linneman, Lambson & Decorative Panels.

Technical Details

  • Produced in 80gsm thickness
  • Diameter – 12mm | 14mm | 19mm
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Paper Backed Vinyl Screw Covers

Product Features

Paper Backed Vinyl – A wallcovering that has a paper (pulp) substrate laminated to a flexible vinyl decorative surface.

We deal with all the major European wallpaper manufacturers and can provide or match any paper backed vinyl pattern required.

Predominantly used within the construction of modular buildings, Touring Caravans and Motorhomes – 3mm Vinyl Faced Plywood

Our Paper backed Vinyl screw covers match decorative boards from Muraspec, Morland, Surteco / Bausch Linneman, Lambson & Decorative Panels. Our range spans from 2002 to new current variations.

Technical Details

  • Produced in 320gsm thickness
  • Diameter – 12mm| 14mm | 19mm
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