Most modern decorative panels are produced  laminating a cover material onto plywood, mdf or composite laminate. These cover materials can be either paper backed vinyls, paper foils, pvc’s  or acrylics. We stock and convert a huge range of these cover materials, in a variety of modern and contemporary designs into self-adhesive screw covers to be used as an alternative to traditional push on plastic caps.   

 Product Features 

  • No glue needed, self-adhesive for easy application. 
  • Takes away the risk of a choking hazard – traditional push on caps can be removed young children 
  • Produced using actual cover materials and not digital reproductions ensuring exact matches to the cover material for a seamless appearance. 
  • Strong and robust. 
  • Available in multi sizes and multi colours. 

Technical Data 

  • Construction – Wood grain cellulose, vinyl or paper backed vinyl surface with modified solvent acrylic adhesive system 
  • Adhesive performance – Peel adhesion on V2A steel after 20 min at 300 mm/min. and 23°c  > 20N/25mm 
  • Shear adhesion – 25 mm² on V2A steel, 1 kg weight at 23° and 50 % rel. atmospheric humidity – > 5hours
  • Temperature range –      – 10°C – + 60°C