Caravan interiors are constructed using either composite panels or decorative wallboards. When two of these boards or panels, butt up to each other, a joint is created that then needs to be hidden, using either a decorative moulding, wallboard jointing tape or wallboard jointing strip. Whilst decorative mouldings are an effective solution, the advantage of a wallboard tape is cost and weight savings, both critical in touring manufacturing but also of benefit in static manufacturing as the cost savings can be up to 50% when compared to D Mould. 

We have been producing self-adhesive wallboard jointing tape/strips from our inception in 2002. Our finished products are moisture stable, plasticizer resistant and will adhere to both embossed and debossed surfaces. Our specialist acrylic adhesive systems have been carefully designed and modified, ensuring that the adhesives will perform on a whole range of surfaces including paper-backed vinyls, in either solid or multiprint lacquered designs, and cellulose papers, including the current Superflex varieties.  Many of the current wallpapers have up to two or three colour prints,  comprising PVC/PVA based inks.   After printing, some papers are impregnated and coated with different proportions of resins, stabilisers and acrylate dispersions, depending on desired hardness or flexibility, together with acid-hardening lacquer’s both catalytic and thermal. It is imperative, therefore, that our adhesive is permanent and is not affected by any of these variants. We also include in our range a scrim re-inforced, ultra-high coatweight adhesive, specifically for challenging wallboards with low surface energy.

Our Jagenberg laminator is capable of handling wallpaper log widths of up to 1.35m and reel diameter of up to 600mm, enabling us to process jumbo logs direct from the manufacturer. Our fully trained operators have worked on base papers from 70 grammes per square metre to 200 grammes per square metre and our CNC controlled Cevenini ED400 fully automatic lathe slitter is acknowledged as being one of the most accurate in the industry with a slitting tolerance of +/- 0.05mm to ensure our finished rolls are of the highest quality.  

Whilst our standard wallboard jointing tape/strips are produced in a variety of widths at 50m roll lengths,  we also supply the aftermarket with 5M & 10m length rolls and due to our longevity within the industry, still hold wallpaper designs in stock from our inception.

Our Wallboard Tointing Tape Range

We supply a wide range of wallboard tapes from stock, spanning from old legacy designs dating back to 2002 to new current variations. We supply directly to Caravan and Motorhome manufacturers in 50m length rolls and to the aftercare/repair market in smaller 5m or 10m length rolls.

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